the interior identity
the overall view of a brand is created by its individual components, from the look of the store its advertising campaigns, mailing and websites, to its employees and design of each presentation space.

if customers can take delight in a brand and be impressed by their design development, it allows them to grow attached. we at KRAISS can help you towards that goal by making each detail representative of the brand.

a brand needs to inspire – a brand is experienced through its matter
just because a brand uses ample, flash in the pan marketing campaigns does not make it large in grandeur. a brand needs to have space for innovation and intrigue, surprising its customers, leaving them wanting more, at the same time as increasing brand recognition.

a brand needs to awaken an emotion in its customers. reeling them in and making them feel like their product is a much needed part of their existing world, and making them feel understood and at home. we offer to help you achieve this, by working through your brands individual aspects, analysing them to determine the design and orientation we need to take to achieve the best results.

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